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  • CAD Engineering Solutions

    Professional Structural Engineering London and South East

    We provide our clients with a broad range of structural engineering design services for commercial and residential properties. Our service includes everything from basement design, knocking down walls and connections detailing.
  • CAD Engineering Solutions
    Steel Fabrication Packages
    Our team of expert designers will provide you with accurate and precise
    Steel fabrication packages, no matter the complexity of your project.
  • CAD Engineering Solutions
    Personal Approach
    At CAD Engineering, the client is at the centre of what we do. We will maintain regular
    communication with you to understand your exact needs and requirements.
  • CAD Engineering Solutions
    Site Visits
    We will conduct regular visits to your project to ensure everything is being completed to the correct standard, whilst meeting with your exact requirements. With our partners in the structural warranty sector - Construction Consultations, we will ensure that your construction project will meet the highest standards.
CAD Engineering Solutions
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Established in 2018, our expert structural & design team have completed over 50 projects every 6 months

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CAD Engineering Solutions


We are a team of Structural Engineers with a mission to provide the highest quality structural engineering services. We pride ourselves on providing a service with the perfect combination of accuracy, affordability and timeliness in all requirements.

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